Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Put The "P" in Pretty

Always on the lookout for new and better sextoys, last week I ordered a pair of Fun Factory Smartballs from Eden's Fantasy. I ordered the violet and cream one, just like the one pictured above. Initially, the thought of a toy that also exercised and strenghtened my kegel muscles didn't hold a lot of appeal for me. I've always had strong vaginal muscles - it's not unusual for me to push D's cock out of me when I orgasm or to crush his hand when he fists me. But sometime when I sneeze, I pee a little and I hate that. Upon reading that these smartballs could help with that, I got on my laptop and ordered a pair. They were here in a matter of days, and my initial reaction was that the packaging was very clever - it's got these little magnetic flaps, but you're not really here to hear me critique the packaging, are you? :)The first time I wore them, I was laying in bed next to a half-asleep D. I was wet enough to slip them right in and they weren't too bad. I described the feeling of them inside me to D, and then next thing I knew, he was on top of me pushing his cock inside me with the smartballs still in! He says they made for a very tight fit, but all the stimulation was fantastic and I came hard. Afterwards, though, I had to take them out right away - my vaginal walls clenching around them was making me a mite sore to sleep with them inside.I hadn't really given them much thought until today. D and I are supposed to "play" tonight after he gets home from work, so I thought I would wear them around the house, you know, just try them out. After showering and shaving my legs, I lubed them up and slipped them inside me. At first, they were kind of uncomfortable. I was all too aware of them inside me. Walking around the house, going up and down the stairs was kind of fun and I could feel them, but in a good way. Even pulling my pants back on, the little wiggle of my hips was all kinds of fun. But I could still feel them, and I wondered if maybe I hadn't inserted them deep enough? So I pulled them out, washed them off, relubed them and tried again, pushing them a little deeper inside me. I think it's better, but I'm not sure. When I'm up and about, walking the dog around the yard - they're wonderful. The little tingle and vibration is just enough to keep me aware of them and but clenching down around them brings back that uncomfortable feeling. And sitting down...well, let's just say it can be difficult. They certainly correct my posture! If I sit up, back straight, posture good, they feel good and I'm aware of the damp spot growing on my panties. But if I slouch, even a little bit - ouch! That uncomfortable feeling comes back and I wonder if they're in right. Sitting here, writing this, I've alternated my position, moving around in my chair, and as long as I sit properly, they feel amazing. I'm going to try keeping them in for the rest of the day, not telling D that I've got them in. I wonder if he'll be able to tell from the wiggle in my walk or the flush high on my cheeks...if not, they'll make me into a nice, wet surprise for him!